Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, I have less than one week until I make the first trip out to audition for my doctorate. I'll probably leave next Tuesday, but I still need to confirm whether or not I can stay with an old friend from Indiana who currently goes to school there.

I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

The saxophone and clarinet pieces are becoming much more challenging now that I'm getting their tempos up. The Albright Sonata is starting to get a little wild, especially in the 4th movement. My double-tonguing on saxophone gives out around 140 bpm, and the movement needs to be at 168. I guess I'll have to water down those sections for the first audition... maybe all of them.

Things are looking up for next year... I really wish I hadn't screwed things up so badly with Lauren last year. You live and learn, I guess. I wish I had a do-over. I'd do anything for another chance with her, but I doubt I'll ever get that opportunity.

Ibert - check
Feld - check

Tomasi - 6
McAllister - 6

Lauba - 11
Albright - 12

Ticks to go: 35
Days until the first audition: 8
Ticks needed per day: 4.38