Sunday, January 18, 2009

So yea... it's hard to practice oboe when you don't have oboe reeds... it's also difficult to buy any oboe reeds (or the tools you need to make them) without any money. My financial aid has not been distributed yet. I'm sort of in a bind. The first audition is less than 3 weeks away. I'll be ready.

On a side note.. I need to do something about my body's PH levels. For years I've known that I have incredibly acidic skin. It's so acidic that it only takes a few months for my hands to turn a silver-plated key almost completely black. I believe that the acidity of my skin doesn't lie within normal levels, and I think it might have an underlying cause in my endocrine system. I've also read that a low PH level in your body can easily lead to an increased risk of cancer. Tomorrow I plan on going to CVS to buy some litmus paper to test the PH of my skin and saliva.

Ibert - 3
Feld - 2

Tomasi - 21
McAllister - 21

Lauba - 28
Albright - 29

Mozart - 38

Ticks to go: 142
Days until the first audition: 20
Ticks needed per day: 7.1