Friday, January 16, 2009

I found out today that I didn't get the job fixing musical instruments. From what the owner told me, the decision had nothing to do with my ability to fix these instruments. In fact, he said that he thought I did a very nice job overhauling the flute on Tuesday. He said that he decided not to hire me because business is a little slow, and he didn't want to take any work away from the employees currently working at the store. I guess that's life.

I think I'm going to start purchasing used student model instruments on Ebay to overhaul them, with the intention of selling them to beginning students this fall. Maybe one used student model instrument every 3 - 4 weeks.

Two doctoral schools confirmed audition dates for me this afternoon. One of them will be on March 2nd, and the next (and most likely last) audition will be on March 7th. The first audition is supposedly on February 7th, but I have not heard anything from that school yet. I've also got 3 more schools on top of that which I have not heard anything from... I check my mailbox 2 or 3 times a day.

Practicing went well today. I passed my quota, which is always nice.

Ibert - 3
Feld - 2

Tomasi - 23
McAllister - 23

Lauba - 29
Albright - 37

Mozart - 38

Ticks to go: 155
Days until the first audition: 22
Ticks needed per day: 7.05