Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got an e-mail from one prospective doctoral school today. Evidently, they never received my pre-screening CD. I think I accidentally sent it to the saxophone professor, rather than the office of music admissions... oops... Ended up making a drive out to FedEx this afternoon to overnight another CD.

I spent the rest of the day practicing. I had to quit around 6:30 this afternoon. My lower lip is a little sore and I don't want to over-do it. I'm afraid that if I do too much one day, I might not be able to recover overnight and be forced to take a day off. I simply don't have the time for a day off this month. I'm behind schedule.

Ibert - 3
Feld - 3

Tomasi - 29
McAllister - 33

Lauba - 36
Albright - 73

Saint-Saens - 60

Ticks to go: 237
Days until the first audition: 31
Ticks needed per day: 7.64

I was able to knock off 8 today... Unfortunately, it took almost six hours. I need to get more efficient at this.