Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, I'm leaving for Texas in just under seven hours. It's going to be a 13-hour drive to Dallas. I'm used to long day trips so this shouldn't be too difficult. At least I'll have the sun at my back the entire way. I'll bring Karajan's Beethoven collection to keep me company.

As I was preparing my clothes tonight I once again realized I good I used to have it with my last girlfriend. Any time we'd go on a trip she would pack for the both of us a few days in advance. I'm a last-minute sort of guy when it comes to these things so as I was putting my shirts and pants together, matching the ties, socks, and shoes for the four-day trip, I thought about our past.

Hopefully I'll find someone that good to me again. I guess you don't really appreciate it until it's gone.

I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.